Why is it worth entrusting the sale of an apartment to a real estate agency?

Selling an apartment is not easy, anyone who tried to sell an apartment on their own knows it. In order to sell a property, you need to be patient, be able to advertise an apartment effectively and estimate its value. But that's not all. A house or flat for sale should also be properly prepared. The owner must also take into account the large amount of time spent on showing the property to potential buyers. Specialized real estate agencies can help in all these activities. Entrusting them with sale brings many benefits. What kind?

Many people think that selling an apartment is an easy and quick task - just take a few photos, write a simple text and place an advertisement on pages dedicated to real estate sales. In reality, however, even owners of high-standard and well-located housing have difficulty finding buyers for real estate. This is mainly due to ignorance of the laws governing the contemporary real estate market, advertising and marketing opportunities, as well as the lack of knowledge about real estate valuation, its preparation for sale and formalities. A real estate office can help you with all these aspects.

Legal support and professional advice

The sale of real estate is a transaction that requires knowledge of finance and law. At the beginning, the property needs to be appraised, then the legal status should be checked, and when a potential buyer is found, prepare a preliminary and final contract, at the end it is necessary to secure the payment. A person who has not had contact with such tasks before can easily make a mistake that will be extremely costly for them. Therefore, legal and financial matters are best entrusted to professionals. Cooperation with a real estate office allows you to use the help of specialists who will ensure that the transaction is carried out in accordance with the law, and the interests of the owner are protected against dishonest buyers.

Łukasz Kłusek also emphasizes that one of the methods of verifying a potential buyer is cooperation with a real estate office. The mere fact of reporting to the potential buyer's office and the willingness to incur additional costs (i.e. commission) allows you to eliminate people with dishonest intentions.

Strength in marketing

Today, in order to sell an apartment, it is not enough to write an advertisement and add a few pictures to it. The advertisement must stand out, emphasize the advantages of the apartment and the neighborhood, be based on emotions. Preparing the right ad is more than half the success of selling. Both good-quality photos and content are important, as well as additional opportunities to familiarize yourself with the property, e.g. films or virtual walks. Before presenting the property in photos, it is also necessary to prepare the apartment. Sometimes a slight change in the arrangement of furniture, new additions or burying family souvenirs is enough and the apartment looks like new, and the chance for sale increases several times - explains Cezary Majewski from Wilsons Nieruchomości.

However, an advertisement is not everything, you also need to know where to place it and how to promote it on portals dedicated to real estate. Although there are a lot of them, not all of them work dynamically and can boast a large number of visitors. Real estate agencies have such knowledge and experience in cooperation with internet portals. By cooperating with them, you can count on the fact that they will effectively promote and highlight the advertisement, will receive and respond to inquiries from potential customers, and will present them live. It is a very convenient solution for the landlord who saves time.

Better price

One of the undoubtedly important advantages of cooperation with a real estate agency is the possibility of obtaining a higher selling price. This is due to the fact that the real estate office will help in the professional valuation of the premises, increase its market value with simple tricks, and will also be able to properly present it to potential buyers. This will allow you to achieve a price that is satisfactory for the seller, and sell in a short time.

Cooperation with a real estate broker is to facilitate the sale, accelerate it, increase profits from it, and also make it safer for the property owner - summarizes the benefits of cooperation with a real estate agency Cezary Majewski from Wilsons Nieruchomości.

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