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Home staging - what does it give the seller and is it worth taking advantage of the offer?

Home staging - what does it give the seller and is it worth taking advantage of the offer?

The principle of first impression is well known to everyone. It applies to the real estate market - in this context, a term such as home staging appears. What does it mean in practice and how does it relate to the sale or rental of real estate?

Home staging - what is it?

Home staging is a service that consists in preparing a property for sale or rent. This is to make the best possible impression on potential buyers or tenants, thanks to which the transaction is finalized faster. Research, which was carried out in the 70s in the United States, confirmed that the appearance of an apartment or house is of great importance and reduces the average selling time by as much as 40 percent. Interestingly, the seller gets a price higher on average by 10%. It should also be mentioned that Barbara Schwarz, an American real estate agent, is considered to be the precursor of this service.

Home staging in practice - what is it about?

Barbara Schwarz identified seven key aspects that constitute the basis of home staging. Those are:

  • order

Clutter and sloppiness are something that is very effective in deterring buyers or tenants. If you want to sell a property, you should start with a thorough clean-up. There is no question of dirty walls, an uncleaned bathtub or stained carpets. Interiors must be clean and tidy.

  • order

When deciding to sell or rent a flat or house, remove personal souvenirs from the rooms, and there is no excess of ornaments and knick-knacks. In this case, less is more. A person interested in real estate should have no problem imagining what their life will be like when they move in. So minimalism comes at a price.

  • neutral colors

Flashy colors used in interior design distract attention from what is most important. Therefore, it is best to be neutral in this area. Light gray, beige or white - they never fail in such a situation. In addition, they optically enlarge the space and make it seem more organized.

  • creativity

In home staging, creativity is perceived as the ability to apply economical and effective solutions at the same time. It is not about spending a fortune on styling your property, but about making a positive impression without colossal financial outlays. It is also worth taking care of a pleasant and unobtrusive smell and that there are plants in the apartment.

  • compromise

A person putting up a property for sale must remember that their tastes will not necessarily match those of the future owner. For this reason, when preparing an apartment or house for sale, you should not be guided by your own preferences. You have to treat the property as a product that is supposed to sell well.

  • communication

When hiring a home stager - a specialist dealing with the proper preparation of real estate for sale or rent, it is worth remembering the main goal, which is to bring the transaction to a quick final. This requires the seller's openness to various ideas and suggestions.

  • involvement

Both the person selling the property and the home stager must be XNUMX% involved in the project. Only in this way will it be successful.

Home staging - what activities does it include and how much does it cost?

The scope of activities to be carried out in the apartment is always determined individually between the home stager and the client. Nevertheless, the cooperation consists of several stages. At the beginning, the home stager carries out a thorough inspection of the property and, on this basis, prepares proposals for necessary changes. Then he prepares a detailed report, in which, inter alia, provides a description of the condition of the house or flat as it is, and lists priority activities. The next step is to undertake the appropriate work - they will be crowned with a professional photo session.

The price of the service depends on many factors, such as the scope of activities, the general condition of the property, the usable area of ​​a house or apartment, etc. For example, in Warsaw, an average fee of PLN 250-350 is charged for initial consultancy, and a report on a 3-room apartment costs approx 700 PLN. The amount of time necessary for the home stager to prepare the property is also determined by the above-mentioned factors. Sometimes a day or two is enough, and other times it takes up to two weeks. It is a very individual matter.

Home staging - is it worth it?

It is worth choosing home staging for several reasons - mainly due to its proven effectiveness. Home stagers perfectly know the real estate market and its emerging trends. They know how to organize and carry out work that will result in a property perfectly prepared for sale or rent. At the same time, the customer gains a professional description of the interior and professional photos that will significantly increase the attractiveness of the offer.

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