Is it worth signing an exclusive contract?

When selling real estate, incl. house, apartment or building plot, you can sign an exclusive contract with a selected real estate agent, such as What does it mean and is it an option worth considering from the perspective of the seller himself?

Two types of cooperation agreements

When the owner of a property for sale directs his steps to a real estate agency, the agent may offer him two types of contracts for mediation in the sale of an apartment or a house. It can be an open agreement as well as an exclusive one. The customer may have several open contracts for the same flat or house, but, as the name suggests, in the case of an exclusive contract, one is signed with a given company and it is they who take care of the transaction from the beginning to the end. He looks for clients, arranges them to view real estate, cooperates and contacts the client personally.

The sale is in the interest of the agent and the seller

Signing an exclusive contract motivates the real estate agent to operate even more effectively. Having it, the agent can become even more involved in promoting the offer. He can afford to spend as much time as possible on this and not be wasted. If the agent sells the apartment, he will receive his commission fee and his efforts will not be wasted. Linking the interests of the seller and the agent is a good idea from this point of view.

It is worth emphasizing that agents signing exclusive contracts with clients, in accordance with the existing professional standards, must take measures that will allow them to display the apartment in the widest possible way.

One contact person

The seller does not have to answer several calls every day from the agents with whom he cooperates in the sale of an apartment or house, if he cooperates exclusively. Such an agreement means that you can only maintain contact with one expert and arrange an appointment with him, e.g. to show the apartment to potential buyers.

Increasing the credibility of the sale offer

If potential buyers see several different offers for the same apartment on classifieds websites, they have the impression of information chaos. They may get the impression that the seller is very anxious to sell the property and will be willing to enter into far-reaching price negotiations. One proposal from one office is associated with exclusivity, a unique offer, available exclusively in a selected real estate office.

For an agency, signing an exclusive contract is a desirable situation. The agent is motivated to be more active, to buy promoted sales offers in the media, to buy advertising banners, e.g. for the balcony of the property, but also to carry out, for example, a professional photo session of the apartment. All those expenses incurred to promote the offer will partially pay off, thanks to the commission. When signing such an agreement, the seller may submit all issues related to the effective promotion of his offer on the shoulders of the agent.

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