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How to rent a flat painlessly and still make money from it?

Real estate, no matter if residential or commercial, has been considered one of the best investments for many years. Renting them can bring considerable profits to the owner. The monthly rent from tenants is often the equivalent of an average salary. However, it must be remembered that the owner must prepare properly for renting an apartment. Otherwise, considerable problems may await him, and instead of the promised profits, financial losses. So how to safely rent an apartment and not lose money?

Every owner of an apartment dreams of tenants who pay on time, take care of the apartment, are calm, polite and sign long-term contracts. Unfortunately, there are no ideal tenants, why the entire process of finding the right tenants should be preceded by appropriate preparations. You need to approach the subject comprehensively in order to protect your interests in 100%.

Talk about money

It is said that gentlemen do not talk about money, but you have to remember that renting an apartment is a business, and this already requires talking about finances. The landlord should not be afraid to ask questions that will help them find out about the financial situation of the potential tenant. What is worth asking? Whether the tenant has a contract for permanent employment or, in the case of students, who will pay the rent - parents or a student himself - suggests Łukasz Kłusek, Wilsons Nieruchomości adviser and points out that the landlord's right is to obtain information that the future tenant is reliable and solvent, and therefore whether the rent obligations will be paid regularly.

Łukasz Kłusek also emphasizes that one of the methods of verifying a potential buyer is cooperation with a real estate office. The mere fact of reporting to the potential buyer's office and the willingness to incur additional costs (i.e. commission) allows you to eliminate people with dishonest intentions.

Take care of the lease agreement

A good lease is essential. However, it should be remembered that it should be written in the form of a document signed by two parties. The lease agreement should include all arrangements for renting a flat, both financial and those regulating the use of the flat. Drafting a lease agreement can be entrusted to the real estate agency with which you cooperate and it is the surest solution. A correctly prepared document will protect both parties, reduce the risk and will be a guarantee of successful cooperation.

Write down the delivery and acceptance protocol

The handover protocol is a document that is often overlooked by landlords. This is a big mistake, because it can be used to determine whether the tenant has not damaged the premises and contributed to a decrease in its value. A correctly written handover protocol includes the description and condition of the apartment, as well as the state of utility meters at the time of handing over the apartment. The description should be supplemented with photographic documentation of the premises and equipment, e.g. household appliances.

Occasional lease contract

Some apartment owners, wanting to protect their interests, give up signing an ordinary conversation in favor of an occasional lease. Such a contract is more formalized and signed in the presence of a notary. The occasional lease agreement consists in the fact that the tenant must indicate a replacement premises to which he will be evicted if he does not pay certain fees. In practice, this means that this type of lease has many benefits for owners of rental apartments. First of all, its advantage is that in the event of problems with a dishonest tenant, the owner can use the simplified eviction procedure, i.e. the one bypassing the court.

Report the contract to the Tax Office

According to Polish law, you must pay tax on renting a flat. The flat tax rate is 8,5%, so these are not large amounts. Unfortunately, many apartment owners do not want to bear this cost and do not report the contract to the Tax Office. This way, they run the risk of blackmail from the tenant. This often happens if there are problems with the rental, e.g. the owner wants to get compensation for the damages caused by the tenant, and he does not want to pay. It is worth remembering that the tax to the Tax Office is paid only up to the amount that is the property owner's earnings, i.e. rent. The tribute is not charged for utility costs. Therefore, it is good to take care of the relevant provisions in the contract and to separate these amounts in the provisions regarding the tenant's obligations - explains Łukasz Kłusek from Wilsons Nieruchomości z apartment rental department.

Monitor payments

The landlord should regularly monitor that the tenant pays the obligations for the apartment in accordance with the agreed deadlines. Monitoring and control is especially important if the tenant is responsible for paying for utilities to their distributors. To avoid a surprise, it is worth obliging the tenant to send scans of payment receipts every month.

Agree the details of repairs

The breakdown of damage repair obligations can be found in Art. 6a-6f of the act on the protection of the rights of tenants. Nevertheless, it can also be determined freely - the provisions of the contract take precedence over the provisions of the act. If such a division is not taken into account, the provisions of the act apply. According to them, the owner is responsible for the replacement of window and door joinery, floors, floors, carpets, plasters, radiators, water, electricity, heating and gas installations - he does not have to bear more repair costs.

Long-term rental is a good investment, but only if you prepare for it properly. Maintaining the basic safety rules, as well as knowing your rights, will allow you to protect yourself from dishonest tenants and reduce not only financial losses, but also time and nerves that you have to spend on disputes with tenants.

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