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How to prepare a flat for sale

What to do to get a high price for an apartment? This question is asked by many owners of a residential property put up for sale. It turns out that you can get a higher price very easily - you just need to follow a few rules. These rules tell you how to prepare an apartment for sale and are known as home staging.

The Polish real estate market is becoming more and more demanding. When looking for a future house or flat, we pay attention not only to the price, but also the quality of the property, and the emotions we feel after crossing the property are important to us. The potential buyer must be able to imagine what his life will be like in the property being viewed. He will not do this if the premises are cluttered, cluttered or damaged. Therefore, an apartment for sale should be properly prepared. Sometimes a few small and seemingly insignificant changes will increase the value of the property and allow it to be sold quickly.

Home staging - perfect apartment for sale

Home staging, although it came to Poland recently, has been known on the real estate market for a very long time. When selling property in the US or Canada, it is almost a must. This English term means professional preparation of an apartment for sale. Home staging makes the premises more attractive to viewers, highlighting its advantages and hidden disadvantages. The rules of home staging are not complicated and everyone can implement them on their own, but you have to remember that it takes time and effort. What are the tricks of home staging?

First cleaning

The first and absolutely obligatory point of preparing a flat for sale is general cleaning. The entire premises should be thoroughly vacuumed, washed, and disposed of all unnecessary items. To make the apartment more attractive to viewers, it should contain as few private exhibits as possible, such as souvenirs, photos, decorations and gadgets. Such decorations make the buyer feel overwhelmed and, in addition, they reduce the flat.

Up to the second colors

Most buyers are looking for bright apartments with lots of sunlight. Such an effect can be created by washing the windows thoroughly, removing heavy and dark curtains and other accessories. In some cases it is also a good idea to do a minor renovation by repainting the walls. Daria Fiedeń from Wilsons Nieruchomości advises that when changing the color scheme, choose the colors most people associate with safety, i.e. warm and light shades of brown, beige, light gray, broken and pure whites.

Third, space

A large amount of furniture and other items allows the apartment to optically shrink even by half. The potential buyer will surely notice this and will be disadvantaged. If you want to properly prepare an apartment for sale, you should take out all unnecessary things that are not practical and only take up space. You can hide them in a closet or basement - it's important not to scare away potential buyers.

Fourth, faults

All defects and shortcomings are to the detriment of the seller. Preparing an apartment for sale means that it is necessary to repair what is damaged. Home staging recommends taking care of removing nail holes, repairing drooping or broken cabinet doors, tightening shelves, etc. such minor changes can change the appearance of many apartments.

Fifth, be remembered

Research shows that 80% of life decisions are made by women. They decide where you will go on vacation, as well as where the apartments will be. Taking this into account, it should be remembered that for the fair sex, appearance is extremely important. When preparing an apartment for sale, it is worth taking care of a few decorations that will refresh the interior, make it friendly and easier to remember. The items for sale are pretty curtains, decorative rugs or carpets, scented candles, and live flowers in a vase. Thanks to such accessories, the interior will be pleasantly associated. Preparing an apartment for sale is a step that cannot be omitted if you want to sell your property quickly. It will allow not only to finalize the transaction efficiently, but also to increase the price of the apartment. If you want to be sure that the premises will be well prepared, it is best to entrust this task to professionals. They will not only apply the home staging rules in the interior, but also document the effects by taking appropriate quality photos that can then be used in the advertisement.

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