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How can 3D tours help the real estate market?

Modern technologies create wide opportunities for the presentation and promotion of real estate sales offers - at various stages of their formation. These can be 3D presentations visualizing a planned investment in residential real estate, as well as presentations of existing, already equipped objects from the secondary market. How do 3D tours, which are increasingly available in real estate offers, help sell them?

What are Virtual Walks and Property Tours?

Attractive photographs of all rooms and arrangement elements of the property placed in sales offers can attract the attention of potential buyers. However, in order to achieve this effect and increase the chances of selling the flat or house faster, real estate agents invest in preparing the so-called 3D virtual tour. The client may feel as if he is in the premises and can walk around the individual rooms. Anyone can be invited for a 3D walk, and a virtual visit helps in finding out about the details of the arrangement. It allows you to rotate, zoom in or out. 360-degree virtual walks have been available to real estate agencies for some time, but are also constantly being improved. Adding 3D technology to them gives the impression that such a trip is more real. An interactive presentation unlimited by a frame shows everything that can be seen on the spot.

A three-dimensional trip is completely different than viewing photos of real estate. In a more legible, imaginative and very detailed way, the client is shown the house plan or its equipment, and even what is on the walls, floor or ceiling.

Marketing goals for 3D walks around real estate

Owners of apartments and houses or commercial premises, and perhaps most of all sales agents, can use 3D models of the arrangement design for marketing purposes. This makes it easier for them to sell the previously empty living or usable space. In this way, the client sees the potential of the property and how he can use it in the future.

By providing a 3D tour of your property, it is often possible to increase the imagination of potential buyers' room size and spaciousness. Then they do not have to go to the field visit and waste time on it. They make decisions faster on the basis of such presentations and arrange serious talks about finalizing the sales contract. All because the 3D interior visualizations provide an accurate representation of the details of the rooms, while maintaining distance, height, depth and even lighting - artificial and natural.

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