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How to design 30m2 for 3 people to make the apartment functional?

How to design 30m2 for 3 people to make the apartment functional?

Equipping and designing small apartments is a challenge even for professional interior designers. All because in a relatively small space you have to fit a lot of different furniture and devices that will be necessary for future household members. So how to design a 30-meter flat that would be functional and comfortable for 3 people?

One or two rooms

Depending on whether the flat with an area of ​​30 sq m has only one room or two, otherwise you have to start designing its interior. The key to success is the maximum use of the available space, all recesses and bends in the walls to be able to live comfortably. To begin with, you have to decide which furniture and appliances are absolutely necessary for the household members and you cannot give them up. It is a good idea to organize a kitchenette in a larger room and a bedroom in a smaller one.

When, for example, parents with a child live in such an apartment, a bed for a child can be placed in the bedroom and create a corner for her there. You can also put a fold-out sofa in the living room with a kitchenette, and in a smaller room create an additional, full-size place to sleep. If, however, in a 30 sqm apartment, two rooms are to be occupied by three adults, among whom there is no couple, it is possible to arrange one sleeping place in the living room, and a bunk bed in another, usually smaller room. Thanks to this, each person will have a private, personal place to rest and sleep.

If, on the other hand, we have only one room at our disposal, it can be used in such a way that with the use of an openwork wall, we can separate a typical sleeping place, not necessarily by the window, and a fold-out sofa can fit in the seating area.

Compact, multi-functional custom-made furniture

The smaller the apartment and its subsequent rooms are arranged, the more reasonable it becomes to use custom-made furniture for its arrangement. They are a bit more expensive than the equipment you can buy in furniture stores, but they allow you to make the most of the space in the apartment.

You can use folding upholstered furniture in such an apartment, bearing in mind that their springs and mattresses should be solid and comfortable enough to allow you to sleep on them every day. For this, a folding table will be useful, which can be used as a desk if necessary - for work or for doing homework.

Well thought-out cabinets, cupboards or shelves should be located in places where it is possible - in the gaps between the wall and the sofa, or the wall and the refrigerator. It is a good idea to pack all personal, kitchen or bathroom items in lockers so that they are not visible. This way, the number of small items on shelves and countertops is reduced, and the apartment will gain in spaciousness.

Combination of several zones

If a 30-square-meter flat consists of two separate rooms, then in a larger one it is worth to separate three specific, though in some way connected zones - a living room, a dining room and a kitchen. In the seating area, it is worth placing a comfortable fold-out sofa, and the kitchen area can be separated from it by a higher worktop, which will also be a dining table with high chairs.

Mezzanine in high rooms

Perhaps the apartment is only 30 sq m, but it is above average high. This is a chance to take advantage of this by building a mezzanine. You might consider placing a mattress on it and creating a sleeping area. As a result, we will save space in the apartment, which we will be able to use, for example, for a play corner for a child.

When arranging a small apartment, it is worth remembering about universal principles that make a small space appear larger. You can paint the walls white or use a bright palette of pastel colors. One stronger color accent is enough to give the house an individual, interesting character.

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