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My first office: buy new, old or rent?

One of the most important things for business is having an office. Regardless of whether you are opening a stationary point or an internet business, the company must have its headquarters and place of operation. Every entrepreneur, when thinking about a place for his business, should be aware that he has several options. The first office can be bought or rented, while when deciding to buy, you can choose between new and second-hand properties. Which is the best solution?

Choosing the right place for business is one of the most important issues. It can decide the success or failure of the enterprise. When it comes to space for the first office, the issue of location is usually raised, but not only is it significant. Maria Grabowska from Wilsons Nieruchomości lists the area, price, standard, type of building and the form of use of the property as other equally important factors.

First office rental

Most entrepreneurs who are just taking their first steps on the market decide to rent an office. This is due to the fact that they do not have the cash to buy real estate, and often do not have the creditworthiness to receive an investment loan. Renting is also a good solution because it allows you to flexibly approach the location or size. A rented office can be quickly changed to a larger or better location. When renting an office, however, you have to take into account some difficulties. In the premises, it is usually impossible to carry out many changes, e.g. adapt them to the individual needs of the business. You should also be aware that the lease contract may be terminated by both parties. This means that the contract is not always broken by the tenant, sometimes it is the landlord who wants to terminate the cooperation, and the entrepreneur must quickly look for a new apartment. In many cases, the rent may also be higher than the loan installment for the purchase of real estate. If you want to rent an office, you should know about these inconveniences. Nevertheless, there are many interesting premises for rent in Warsaw.

Second-hand office buying

An alternative to renting is to buy an office space. Many small entrepreneurs decide to buy office space in real estate that is already ready for use. The premises are often purchased from another company. For many companies, the purchase of an apartment is a profitable solution, primarily in terms of finances.

In many cases, the loan installment is lower than the monthly rent, and additionally, after the debt is repaid, the property becomes the property of the company and they can profit from it - explains Maria Grabowska from Wilsons Nieruchomości.

However, you should remember about the risks associated with the purchase of an office in previously used real estate. The technical and legal condition of the premises is indicated as these - these two elements require thorough checking before signing the final contract. It should be taken into account that the office will require renovation, and this may be difficult due to other commercial and residential premises adjacent to it and operating.

Offices in already used real estate are not only disadvantages, they also have advantages. First of all, entrepreneurs who want a good location, such as premises with a display window in Śródmieście. In Warsaw or any other larger city in Poland, new real estate is not being built in the very center, e.g. in the vicinity of the old town, which precludes the purchase of space in a new skyscraper or office building in such an attractive location.

Buying an office in a new investment

When deciding to buy an office in a new investment, you can count on a wide selection, especially in Warsaw. Every year, several hundred square meters of office space are put into use in the capital. Some of them are for sale. Entrepreneurs can choose between offices located in various districts of Warsaw, of various standards and with various amenities. Importantly, an entrepreneur buying an office in a new skyscraper has the possibility of almost any adaptation and arrangement of the space. Some changes may be introduced already at the construction stage of the premises, e.g. in terms of wall arrangement. This is an important advantage of offices in new investments. Another is amenities, e.g. for the disabled or mothers with children, which are sometimes lacking in second-hand premises and are necessary for some types of business activity.

At the beginning, many companies, especially sole proprietorships, choose their own home for an office. However, such a solution is not possible with every type of business. Sometimes your own place is even an obligation, as well as a showcase of the company. In this case, it is necessary to consider what type of property to choose for the first office. Making the right decision is important, first of all, when purchasing space, as revoking a decision can have significant consequences.

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