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The most important features of a good real estate advisor - how to find a good broker?

The specificity of real estate transactions - both primary and secondary - means that many people decide to use the services of an intermediary. This is a solution that has many advantages. What to consider when choosing an advisor? What features should it have?

Real estate advisor - what does he do?

The main task of an estate advisor is to make it easier for a client to sell, buy or rent a property. The scope of duties of such an expert is very wide. It includes activities such as:

  • searching for properties that meet customer preferences,
  • looking for a buyer or tenant for a given property,
  • preparation of real estate for sale or rent - the so-called home staging,
  • preparation of an offer to sell, buy or rent real estate along with a professional photo session,
  • comprehensive advice on formal, financial and credit issues,
  • obtaining information on the legal status of real estate, technical condition, operating costs, etc.,
  • arranging meetings between the parties to the transaction and providing clients with support in this area,
  • supervising the course of the transaction,
  • expanding the real estate base,
  • building good relationships with customers.

Real estate advisor - what features should he have?

The list of characteristics that distinguish a good real estate advisor is quite long. The key items on it are:

  1. Knowledge in the field of real estate brokerage and more.

For several years now, people who want to work as a real estate agent do not have to have completed the relevant postgraduate studies or pass the state examination. For this reason, it is very important that the broker has extensive experience and extensive knowledge that is constantly updated. The effectiveness of his activities largely depends on his excellent knowledge of the local real estate market. In addition, this profession also requires knowledge of sales copywriting, photography and architecture. Opinions about the agency that employs an intermediary should also be taken into account here.

  1. Great work organization.

Working as a real estate consultant is far from a standard full-time job. Such a person must be available and focused on working in non-standard hours, showing great independence at the same time. Therefore, it is extremely important that the broker be able to cope with such realities. It requires tremendous self-discipline and the ability to manage oneself in time.

  1. Openness and flexibility.

The specificity of the profession in question forces intermediaries to be flexible and open to technological innovations and new marketing solutions. In other words, you have to adapt to the real estate market conditions and trends that appear on it.

  1. Individual approach to client.

Each transaction is different and often requires meeting very strict customer requirements. Therefore, it requires an individual approach as well as honest and fair presentation of the case. A reliable broker knows when to encourage the client to take advantage of a given offer and when to warn him about certain offers.

  1. Interpersonal skills.

A professional real estate advisor does a lot with the diplomat. This profession requires the ability to conduct conversations and negotiations as well as high personal culture. Soft skills are valued as much as professional knowledge and experience.

  1. A specific specialization.

Specializing in a specific type of real estate is an important element in the process of building a personal brand of an advisor. It is true that this means a narrowing of the group of potential customers, but on the other hand it is easier to form an expert opinion.

How do I find the best real estate advisor?

When looking for a real estate broker, check its credibility first. Depending on the form of business activity, it must be entered in the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity (CEiDG) or in the National Court Register. Experience is also important - that is, an internship in the industry. In addition, you must obtain information on the methods of promoting the offer, methods of communication with customers and cooperation with other intermediaries. Establishing cooperation is largely dependent on financial conditions, so before starting it, it is worth talking about the commission charged by a given advisor. Of course, it is necessary to read the contract carefully. In this case, an exclusive or open contract is concluded. The main difference between them is that, under an exclusive agreement, the client entrusts custody of the transaction to only one intermediary. In turn, with an open contract, it is possible to cooperate with any number of intermediaries. In practice, the transaction is more efficient with exclusive contracts.

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