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Check 10 checklist points before renting your dream office

How to rent an office that will be the perfect place for the development of your company? This question is asked by many entrepreneurs. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned boss. The space where you work with your team must be comfortable and inspiring. It should also foster a good atmosphere, because this translates into work efficiency. Finding the right place is quite a challenge. Before you start your search, read these 10 checklist points to clarify your goals and expectations.

1. Definition of the company's needs

At the outset, you should consider what the company's needs are. To do this, you need to gather all information about:

  • company development plans,
  • equipment that will be in the office,
  • number of people in the team,
  • the specifics of cooperation with clients (form of meetings, the need for conference space).

2. Location

The location of the office is extremely important not only from the boss's point of view, but also from his employees and clients. It is worth ensuring that the new office address is well connected with the city. Key employees must have good access. It is important that the traffic jams and the length of the route are not bothersome, as this is one of the reasons why an employee may want to change jobs. If clients are received in the office, the more importantly, the location of the office should be taken into account in advance.

3. Parking

Parking spaces, especially in large cities, can be problematic. Parking in the office area is a great convenience that will be appreciated by motorized employees and customers. Also, check if parking available nearby is free. Remember that there is a fine from the municipal police for wrong parking!

4. Purchase, rental or maybe coworking?

Before making such a decision, consider the future of the company. Are you going to develop it, and thus often expand the team? What is the nature of your company's work? Do meetings with clients be needed? These questions will help you choose the right solution. A company that has a specific team and does not plan to develop it can buy a property. A company that focuses on expanding the number of employees should definitely focus on renting. Thanks to this, as the company grows, it can change the workplace to a more suitable one. Coworking is an ideal solution for freelancers or people working remotely who need an office occasionally to meet and discuss important issues with the team or clients. Coworking office however, it may be shared by other companies and this should be borne in mind. 

5. PR of the company

When hiring an employee or hosting a client, you need to be aware that the meeting place is sure to impress. Whether good or bad depends on the premises itself. The representativeness of the place is very important. A bright, spacious office, modernly furnished, with green plants and a place to rest, will certainly be positively received. A dark cubicle, worn-out furniture are not attractive and can immediately put guests in a negative mood and discourage them from further cooperation.

6. Premises in the office

Before a decision is made to rent the premises, it is necessary to check if it has all the necessary rooms. Of course, the staff rooms are very important, but so are the welfare facilities and cannot be underestimated. A nice kitchen, with the possibility of placing a coffee machine and microwave is an advantage of the office. Bathroom and toilet, with a comfortably separated hand washing area as well. There is also a shower in some places that can make a difference. Some companies are certainly looking for premises with a small room for a server room, a separate place for eating meals or storing documents.

7. Technical condition

It is good to check the technical condition of the property with the help of a professional. All defects and shortages in equipment should be reported to the owner of the premises in advance. Some places may require renovation before redevelopment.

8. Additional costs

Additional costs may include renovation, office furniture or the cost of the removal itself. It is worth calculating them and bearing in mind so as not to be surprised later. Professional brokers offer help in preparing such a budget and it is good to support them with their experience and advice.

An important issue is also securing the contract, if the rent may increase when extending the lease.

9. How to find an office for rent?

The first place you visit to find a place is the internet. A number of ads and pages point to portals, agencies and private offices that specialize in finding rental places. However, you should be careful with some announcements. Some of the most prominent and beautiful offices are only a lure for clients and have never been intended for rent. Besides, typical portals do not have a monopoly on all attractive offers. Due to the price of publishing the announcement, some owners gave up this option. That is why it is also worth looking around at the websites of specialized agencies that approach each client very individually and are able to find premises that are not available on popular portals. You can also look around the city for the advertisements.

10. Agreement

It's a good idea to consult the contract before making a final decision. Especially if you don't have much experience in renting space. A good contract protects the tenant against unfair practices of the owners of the premises. They may appear in the event of withdrawal from the contract or during its duration. The broker or lawyer will certainly know what to look for and what points of the contract not to agree to.

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