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We run away from the city center. Advantages of renting an office / premises in other districts.

Although an office or commercial space in the city center may seem like a natural choice for every entrepreneur, this is not always the case. Some companies flee the city center and rent offices or other types of premises in other districts, often located on the outskirts. Does it really make sense? What are the advantages of such a rental and is it worth choosing?

Office rental prices

The greatest advantage of offices and commercial premises located outside the city center is the rental price. Commercial real estate in this center can be very expensive. Their owners explain this by the fact that the advantageous location on the main city arteries, often in large shopping malls, is actually a guarantee of customers. However, outside the city, a company that has a reputation will also attract quite effectively interested parties. At the same time, the entrepreneur can pay for the premises even several dozen percent less, which is an argument that is difficult to ignore.

Access and parking spaces

It may seem that access to the office or business premises in the city center is easier thanks to the extensive infrastructure and the availability of public transport. However, this does not have to be difficult in the case of the outskirts of the city. Walled, modern districts ensure that they are reached by communication - buses or new tram lines. In addition, access to the office outside the city center can be even easier if the office building is located near the main city arteries or exit routes from the city.

An invaluable advantage of the office outside the city center is the large availability of parking spaces or the possibility of finding a parking lot that will be sufficient for both employees and potential clients. The problem with parking in the city center is sometimes an effective deterrent against visiting the company's premises. Outside the center, such a problem may not exist, and parking will not be paid.

No traffic jams

Outside the city center, especially the big one, there are no traffic jams, which unfortunately are inextricably linked with smaller and larger cities. In the mornings and around 16 p.m. - 17 p.m. the streets are crowded and it is difficult to get to the other end of the town. In districts far from the center, it will probably be quieter, and the lack of traffic jams eliminates the feeling of frustration in people who commute to a given company premises, or in the employees themselves going home.

Peace and quiet

For office workers, the atmosphere in the workplace and favorable conditions for performing professional duties are very important. If the office is located some distance from the center, it will undoubtedly be quieter and calmer there. This is another important advantage deciding that many entrepreneurs choose to flee the city center, in favor of setting up an office outside it.

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