What kind of premises for a kindergarten?

In the 2018/2019 school year, according to the Central Statistical Office, there were 22,2 thousand formally registered pre-school education institutions, of which 12,5 thousand are kindergartens, and 7,9 thousand. kindergarten units in primary schools, 0,1 thous. pre-school education teams and 1,6 thousand. kindergarten points. There were more of them than last year. If an entrepreneur would like to contribute to the increase in the number of kindergartens, he must, among other things, find a suitable premises to conduct such activity.

Legal requirements for premises for kindergartens

Issues related to running a kindergarten have been included in three legal acts:

  • The Act of December 14, 2016 Educational Law.
  • Regulation of the Minister of National Education and Sport of December 31, 2002 on safety and hygiene in public and private schools and institutions.
  • Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of 12 April 2002 on technical conditions to be met by buildings and their location.
  • Regulation of the Minister of National Education of August 28, 2017 on the types of other forms of pre-school education, the conditions for creating and organizing these forms and the manner of their operation.

The provisions of these legal acts indicate where the premises intended for a kindergarten or kindergarten building can be located, what social and living requirements it must meet and how fire regulations and sanitary and hygienic guidelines should be implemented in it.

Location of the building or kindergarten premises

The premises intended for the running of the kindergarten cannot be located anywhere. The law allows the preschool to be located in:

  • A detached, self-contained building.
  • A separate part of a residential or residential and service building.
  • A separate part of the school, i.e. a public building.

If the kindergarten is to function in a residential or residential and service building, then it can only be part of the ground floor, with an independent, separate entrance from the outside to the kindergarten, and not e.g. through a staircase common to the residential or service part. It is similar in the case of locating the premises for kindergarten at school - it should have a separate entrance and must be completely separated from the school institution in terms of functionality.

The size of the premises for the kindergarten

Premises of the kindergarten must have adequate usable space to provide employees and children with appropriate social and living conditions. According to the regulations, a place for a kindergarten must meet the following requirements:

  • Premises at least 3 m high.
  • The floor level in the premises intended for the kindergarten must be at least 30 cm above the area adjacent to the building.
  • The area of ​​each room for a collective stay of children in a group of 3 to 5 people must be at least 16 square meters, and if the group is larger than 5, then the area of ​​the room should be increased, except that:
    • The area for each subsequent child will be at least 2 square meters if the duration of stay in the kindergarten does not exceed 5 hours a day.
    • The area for each subsequent child is at least 2,5 square meters, if the stay in the facility exceeds 5 hours a day or the kindergarten provides resting.

There are also detailed conditions for equipping and finishing rooms in kindergartens. The floor and walls up to a height of at least 2 m in sanitary and hygienic rooms and in the food block must be covered with washable, non-absorbent materials that are resistant to moisture and disinfectants. On the other hand, in kindergarten classrooms, the floor should be smooth and easily washable - it can be parquet, and in the youngest groups of children it is advisable to use carpet or rug. The rooms should be provided with natural and artificial lighting as well as ventilation. Sanitary facilities must be included in the premises of the kindergarten, and bathrooms for children must be accessible from the classroom and playroom, but it is required that 1 toilet bowl and 1 washbasin should be provided for a maximum of 15 children.

In addition to the kindergarten and premises intended for the activities of the kindergarten, there must be a playground - own or simply available in the immediate vicinity.

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