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What does the job of a real estate agent look like?

When you want to sell a house, flat or building plot or commercial premises, as well as when looking for a property to buy, you can use the services of a qualified real estate agent. What does his job actually look like?

Real Estate Agent Responsibilities

A real estate agent provides brokerage services in the sale and purchase of real estate, as well as in renting and renting out. He contacts potential sellers and buyers, associating their interests with him. Its purpose is to finalize the sale or lease, and its remuneration is a fixed amount or percentage of the sale price of the property, if it is possible to sell it. All this is part of the contracts concluded with clients. It can be an exclusive agreement, when a person decides to give his property to the agent and only he will be able to sell it. An alternative is an open contract, which does not limit the possibility of selling the flat or house through other agents.

However, the work done by the real estate agent does not stop with the presentation of real estate offers and their acquisition. He maintains constant contact with customers and expands his range of offers that he can present to potential buyers.

Property checking

Before a given flat or house is sold with the participation of an intermediary, he must contact the cooperative or housing association to check whether the flat is in debt. He also checks in the land and mortgage register whether he is not burdened with limited property rights. This is necessary to ensure the security of the entire transaction. The agent must therefore take appropriate steps to familiarize himself with the legal status of the property, or with possible charges for unpaid utility bills or rent.

Organizes visits to the property, presents reliable data on its maintenance costs and technical condition. If the interested party is determined to buy, the agent arranges a visit to the notary's office to sign the notarial deed and informs what further formal steps must be taken by his client - the seller and the buyer.

Acquiring real estate offers

Before a real estate agent can offer anything to people looking for houses and apartments, they must obtain such offers from owners of houses, apartments and more. He searches for them through various channels, mainly on the Internet, but is based on contacts with many people. The agent's recommendation by a satisfied customer increases his chances of establishing cooperation with other people.

When the agent finds the desired real estate, he cooperates with the owner and presents the terms of cooperation in the contract, which should include information about the remuneration for the service and all other important provisions. Later, the agent can prepare the most attractive offer to sell it, choosing its description, preparing photos and even videos that will allow potential buyers to better understand what the property looks like.

The agent is responsible for the entire marketing of the real estate offer - online and offline. It can use flyers, an external banner, as well as its own website. The agent not only collects real estate offers, but also builds a database of clients who could be interested in buying a flat or a house.

For a real estate agent to finalize the sale of a house or flat under the signed notarial deed is the overriding goal in his work. He must stay in touch with the client at every stage, and this is how we operate in https://wilsons.pl/.

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